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Corporate Hotel Reservations & Business Accommodation

With the best rates available at over 110,000 hotels worldwide, we guarantee to save you time & money on all your corporate hotel reservations.

OK, you get on the internet or phone around and you’ll probably find a bargain price for a hotel some of the time, but what will you save £10.00? Now take into account your time and the time you spend on the administration and what have you really saved? Could you do this consistently 365 days a year?

At Well Placed Conference it’s our job. We show you consistent savings each week, at periods of high demand and with no reduction in quality of business accommodation, for any number of guests. We have active contacts at over 110,000 hotels worldwide which gives us a unique knowledge of costs and conditions at any time. Our team of experienced corporate accommodation reservations agents are making close on half a million business hotel bookings a year so we know what we are doing.

Click here to book your corporate accommodation and you benefit from:

  • Corporate hotel reservations totally FREE OF CHARGE
  • A database of over 110,000 hotels worldwide
  • Enquiries processed within 30 minutes on average
  • Best available rates at 3, 4 & 5 Star hotels for all business hotel bookings
  • Totally unbiased approach as we have no allegiances to hotel chains
  • Allocation arrangement and management for group business accommodation
  • Fully managed negotiated rate programme for volume locations
  • A reservation system offering instant confirmation via email, fax, and SMS

Business hotel bookings can be made by phoning our reservations centre on 01480 465000 or by booking securely online where we can offer the following benefits to you.

  • Best available rates at over 100,000 hotels worldwide
  • All categories of hotel featured from economy to 5 star
  • Real time' availability shown on 1 screen, saving you time in the search stages
  • Google mapping tool for exact hotel locations
  • Extensive search facilities by street, postcode & hotel chain & proximity to airports, rail and tourist attractions
  • Control on travel policy with preferred supplier facility for corporate accommodation
  • Ability to book your own negotiated hotel rates online
  • Powerful reporting with full MI data which ensures business accommodation travel policy compliance

Do you want to save money on your corporate hotel reservations or need more time to make your business hotel bookings? If so then we can help as a corporate accommodation specialist we can work with you to show consistent savings in time and money.

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7 days a week, 365 days a year, consistently saving you time & money on corporate hotel reservations